Whether or not you have a distinct mental picture of the web site design you need, our approach is help you define, shape, and realize your vision. To guide this process, we apply an agile, yet precise design methodology. BONTRA Web group uses a methodology that addresses the entire lifecycle of system implementation by organizing the project into four phases: BONTRA Web development solutions
Discovery, Design, Development, and Deployment.

  We can work with you through all or some of these phases, depending on your needs and resources. Whether you have a small interface redesign or a complete overhaul, the use of this methodology provides clear and concise framework for the client and design team.

 The discovery phase is where we delve into your strategy and define exactly what it is that you want. The design phase is where you scream, “that’s it!” and leads us to the actual development phase where your vision begins to take shape as a tangible reality. Upon your approval of the completed work, our delivery phase involves making sure your new site has a smooth launch out to the Internet. Throughout the process, there is a lot of detailing, organizing, communicating, approving and confirming.